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Overnight Oats With Greek Yogurt | Breakfast Recipes

Do you know what makes a morning more beautiful and makes me (and MANY of us) happy? Any Guesses?? It’s knowing that the breakfast is already prepared and you can have that extra minute of sleep in your cozy bed. 😉 This no-cook overnight breakfast packed with omega-3, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants will keep you energetic and will make your mornings hassle-free.
Overnight oats with fruits, yogurt, and nuts work as a perfect morning booster. The super combo of mixed berries, trail mix, cinnamon nutty oats, and greek yogurt is simple yet the BEST.
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Serves 2

  • 1 Cup low-fat Greek yogurt
  • ½ Cup milk
  • ⅓ Cup nutty cinnamon flavored oats
  • ¼ Cup frozen blueberries
  • ¼ Cup trail mix
  • 2 Fresh strawberry
  • 2 Tbsp honey (if required)

Step 1- In a mason jar, combine greek yogurt, milk, and oats. Layer with a few frozen blueberries or any berries of your choice, cinnamon flavored nutty oats and trail mix. Do not use sugar to make it sweet instead, use 1-2tbsp honey.
Cover the lid of the mason jar and refrigerate overnight. Grab a jar, add a whole strawberry or few slices of strawberry and enjoy the breakfast.



11 responses to “Overnight Oats With Greek Yogurt | Breakfast Recipes”

  1. mistimaan Avatar

    Loved the recipe

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    1. Jyoti Rao Avatar

      Thank you 😊

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  2. Kurian Avatar

    Thank you Jyoti

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  3. Megala Avatar

    Wow ! Love this super nutritious breakfast.

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    1. Jyoti Rao Avatar

      Thanks ❤️

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  4. dpranita583 Avatar

    Nice brealfast.

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  5. Rita Avatar

    Morning relaxation of 5 – 10 minutes can not be compared with 5 -8 hrs sleep. 😊👌

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    1. Jyoti Rao Avatar


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      1. Rita Avatar



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