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Pan Pizza | Pesto Spinach Pan Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate crowd pleaser and is loved by all age group. Don’t we all love Pizzas?? DO NOT say NO, PLEASE! Before I start with my pizza stories let me confess something. I have not always been a pizza person. I discovered my love for pizza exactly before 2 ½ years when I started baking my own pizza. No store-bought Pizza can beat the taste of homemade Pizza with lots of topping and cheese. We hardly ate Pizza outside (maybe only 2-3times in the last 2years) after I started baking Pizza at home.

IMG_4494 2

The possibilities of Pizza sauce and toppings are just endless. Still, everyone has their own favorite kind of Pizza and even I do have one and that is Pesto Pizza. ❤

I have a surprise for you, you don’t need to have an oven or any fancy baking pizza pans to bake your favorite pizza. All you need is a nonstick pan and a lid to cover it. Making your favorite pizza has now become more convenient and easy with baking the pizza on a pan.


Just roll the pizza dough according to the size of the pan you are using. If you have a small pan then divide the dough into two parts and bake 2 pizza instead. That way you can change the toppings too. Great, isn’t it?

Adjust the flame as required. The time and setting of the flame may vary depending upon the thickness of the pizza base so better you keep on checking in between. The key to perfect pizza base is cooking on medium-low flame. Make sure to cover the pan with a tight lid so that the cheese melts nicely. If you are making veggie pizza on a pan then it’s better to saute the veggies before spreading it on the pizza base.


You can either make your own pesto sauce or get it from a store. The bold flavors of pesto can make anything taste better. Use a generous amount of pesto in any recipe and see the magic. 😉 The beautiful green color looks so appealing and tempting that you just can’t resist your temptation. Adding baby spinach leaves is the cherry on the cake.


Making Pizzas at home has never been this easy but thanks to Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast. This is great for baking Pizza at home, you don’t have to wait for 2-3hrs for the dough to rise. You can immediately bake the pizza after kneading the dough, though I always leave the dough for 20-30mins meanwhile I chop the veggies for topping, gather sauce, cheese, and of course, set the table. 😉

Do try this recipe at home and now you cannot give an excuse for an oven at least. 😀 Try this out and let me know how it turned out for you.



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Serves 2


For Pizza Base

  • 1 Cup whole wheat flour
  • ½ Packet Pizza Crust Yeast 
  • 1 ½ Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 Tsp sugar
  • ½ Garlic salt
  • Warm water for kneading the dough

For Topping

  • 4-5 Tbsp Basil-Pesto or as desired
  • Mozzarella cheese, grated or sliced (as required)
  • ½ Cup baby spinach leaves, thoroughly washed and boiled for 2minutes
  • ¼ Cup pickled jalapenos
  • Olives, as desired
  • Pizza seasoning

Learn Step By Step Recipe With Pictures For Pan Pizza | Pesto Spinach Pan Pizza


Step 1- In a large mixing bowl take all the pizza base ingredients except warm water, Mix well and using the warm water knead the dough for 4-5mins to a sticky dough. Apply oil and cover the dough. Leave for 15-20mins

Step 2- Take out the dough and dust the rolling board with some wheat flour. Roll the dough into a disk and prick all over the rolled dough using a fork

Step 3- Heat a large pan and place the pizza base. Turn the flame to medium-low and cover the pan with a lid. You will see the pizza base has puffed up and cooked from the bottom side. Flip it and cook from another side too with the lid covered. Flip it again

Step 4- Spread pesto sauce all over the pizza base, spread the cheese, and top it up with desired toppings and spread more pesto sauce on the top. Cover and cook until the cheese melts

IMG_0242 2







11 responses to “Pan Pizza | Pesto Spinach Pan Pizza”

  1. Rita Avatar

    Lovely green👌


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    Looks yummy


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    My favorite!😍


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  4. authenticsimplifiedrecipes Avatar

    For me it’s a double treat…love pesto and love 🍕….😋


    1. Jyoti Rao Avatar
      Jyoti Rao

      Same here. ❤


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