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5th Blog Anniversary

I am super excited to share that I am writing about my 5th Blog Anniversary. This is unbelievable and AMAZING!

A Big Thank You to all of you for the love and support you guys have given. This means a lot.

I have resumed my career this year as a HR professional, so I couldn’t get much time to share more posts. I was juggling with work and a toddler in this pandemic but thanks to my family who supported me in this. ❤️

Now that everything seems under control (let me just assume it is under control😃) I will be sharing more easy and quick recipes with you guys.

I couldn’t make anything special for today but I have these yummy cookies which I made for my toddler. So let’s celebrate this blog-anniversary with these melt-in-mouth Ragi Cookies.

Keep supporting!

Stay Happy! 😃

Stay Blessed! 😇







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