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Hi There! Thanks for stopping by! ❤ My name is Jyoti Rao. I am an HR by profession and a Blogger by passion. This page is for everyone who loves to cook and for those who even though does not cook but enjoy eating. Being daughter of an Army soldier, I have traveled quite a few awesome places and I must say, being a foodie I enjoyed every cuisine. 🙂

“…No One Is Born A Great Cook But One Learns By Doing It.” says a lot about me. I love to cook but I was never always been into cooking. I have seen my mother cooking delicious, healthy, and fresh meals for the family and enjoying everything about it. I am not a great cook like her, I am still learning about cooking healthy meals for the family and doing so make me feel happy and satisfied. 🙂 I like to read books, blogs, and articles on cooking.

All the recipes you will find on my blog is cooked by me, the posts are written by me, photographed by me or my husband, and edited by me. And yes, we eat all these food and sometimes I pack some sweets, curries, snacks for my husband’s office potluck or on any other occasions.

I would feel so proud even I help and inspire one person at least. Thanks for all your love, appreciation, and motivation. ❤

Stay Happy And Stay Blessed!

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