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Category: Breakfast

  • Pan Grilled Veg-Sandwich

    Pan Grilled Veg-Sandwich

    Made with green Chutney, cheese and readily available vegetables in the pantry. This recipe is as easy as it sounds. With crispy butter toasted bread and cheesy vegetables inside, makes delicious breakfast option for adults and kids as well. Usually when I am not sure of which protein to put in my sandwich, I would…

  • Achari Paneer Sub Sandwich

    Achari Paneer Sub Sandwich

    Those who loves to eat Indian Pickle (Achar) would definitely love this Achari Paneer Sub Sandwich.

  • Chunky Paneer-Egg Sandwich

    Chunky Paneer-Egg Sandwich

    Summer should officially be Sandwich Season. Nobody wants to stay longer near gas-stove cooking hours n hours. And frankly, no one wants to eat heavy-spicy-oily meals in summers. That’s when sandwiches comes to rescue for a quick meal. I prefer sandwiches for breakfast, mostly. So I got this amazing looking olive-herbs bread loaf from a…

  • Boiled Egg Sub-Sandwich

    Boiled Egg Sub-Sandwich

    Another day, another sandwich recipe. Making my lazy-busy mornings easier? Kind of! 😜 Not that I eat sandwich every single day but I can, if you treat me daily with different one. I was eyeing on these olive sub-breads from a week. Now when they’re finally in the stock I ordered two, immediately. Good in…

  • Scrambled Egg And Pepper Sandwich

    Scrambled Egg And Pepper Sandwich

    Hello people! Hope everyone is enjoying the season and not missing those chilly winter days. At least I’m not, for now. As the winter is gone, I can now get up from the bed without making much effort. And this means, some easy-peasy breakfast recipes are going to come up on my blog. I love…

  • Paneer Tikka Sub-Sandwich

    Paneer Tikka Sub-Sandwich

    My most favorite recipe to cook with Paneer is, Paneer Tikka. ALWAYS! And this is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of trying anything with Paneer. I, and the dear husband loves Paneer Tikka. One fine morning, I hurriedly cook breakfast and it was Paneer Tikka Sandwich, we both totally…

  • Mexican Paneer Wrap

    Mexican Paneer Wrap

    While everyone was posting about the Tiktok viral #wraphallenge and showing their culinary skills, I too was patiently waiting to try my hands on it. No, I am not someone who follows every trend of Tiktok, but this being related to food made me do that. Now that I have recently bought Mexican sauce and…

  • Grilled Pesto Paneer Sub Sandwich

    Grilled Pesto Paneer Sub Sandwich

    How many of you love Basil-Pesto? Well, Basil-Pesto has my heart. I love trying new recipes with this. Pesto is such a versatile sauce that goes well with anything and everything. This recipe qualifies for one of the delicious and quick breakfast options. If you skip the grilling part then this could be “no cook…

  • Sabudana Khichdi

    Sabudana Khichdi

    This pandemic has challenged the whole world in different ways. This particular time (Navratri) used to be very different for us. BUT, This year it’s no pandal hopping, no fair, no crowds, no late-night visit to pandal…this is SO UNUSUAL. But of course, everybody’s safety comes first. We can’t go outside but we can celebrate…

  • Veggie Burger

    Veggie Burger

    Once you make your own juicy patties at home, making burger isn’t difficult at all. All you have to do is to build your own burger with your favorite toppings. I have shared how to make Veg-Patties in my previous post. You guys can check. Next time when I am making burgers , I am…