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Category: Random Thoughts

  • 5th Blog Anniversary

    5th Blog Anniversary

    I am super excited to share that I am writing about my 5th Blog Anniversary. This is unbelievable and AMAZING! A Big Thank You to all of you for the love and support you guys have given. This means a lot. I have resumed my career this year as a HR professional, so I couldn’t…

  • Lockdown Cooking Tales!

    Lockdown Cooking Tales!

    Who doesn’t love staying at home? We all do. But when you are forced to do so, you no longer want to do that particular thing, that’s human nature. This Covid-19 forced everyone to adopt this new normal. Lockdown made everyone stuck/stay in their respective home. People who always cribbed to have some “me-time” or…

  • The Blogger Returns?

    The Blogger Returns?

    Did you quit blogging? It’s been so long you haven’t posted anything! That’s ok if you quit writing. Blogging is not for everyone. You did it for a few years and that’s fine. Now just focus on your child as you are a mother now. Leave all this blogging aside. Well, well, and well! I…

  • 3rd Blog Anniversary

    3rd Blog Anniversary

    It’s been three years of food blogging. It’s amazing how time flies. ❤ Exactly three years back I started this adventurous thing of blogging with no idea of knowing how far I can take this. But here I am, PROUD and a HAPPY blogger! 😀 This really makes me happy. This would not have been…

  • Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day!

    Thousands laid down their lives so that our country can celebrate this day. Never forget their sacrifices. Foodfrenzy-JyoKitchen Wishes You A Very Happy Independence Day! 🇮🇳 Tricolor creation with fresh kiwi, mango, and whipped cream. Have a wonderful day ahead. Lots of love.💕 Stay Blessed! Stay Happy! 😃

  • 2nd Blog Anniversary

    2nd Blog Anniversary

    Has it been 2 years already since I started this Blog? 😀 Hell YEAH! This is my Blog’s 2nd Anniversary and Yes, I am super Happy and that’s call for a sweet celebration! Two years ago I hit on the publish button with no intention of being a blogger, I was just having fun and…

  • Thank You For Connecting :)

    Thank You For Connecting :)

    Hello Dearies, I Don’t Know What It Is That Made You Follow My Blog, BUT Thank You For Doing So. I Really Really Appreciate That. ❤ When I started my Blog I really didn’t know I will come this far. 😀 That’s something really SURPRISING (trust me when I say it’s surprising 😀 ) for…

  • Watermelon Smoothie | Watermelon Drink

    29th June 2016…This Day That Year- I started my blog.:) I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started blogging. Cooking has always been my passion but cooking daily- then photography-to writing the recipes was something very unexpected from me. 😀 I never thought I would survive or would even complete 2-3months but…

  • Seasoning A Clay Pot

    Finally I am going to use my Clay Pot which I got from India few months back. Last year I came across many posts with clay pot cooking and its health benefits and the flavor, taste and aroma it gives to the dish. Since then I was thinking to get one…And Ta Da…Here it is.…

  • Treats From The Streets

    Hello fellow foodies! So I am back from India after a loonnnggg break and so the “Blogger in me” is back too and GUESS WHAT? just after landing here I started missing Indian street food 😦 and yes of course HOME too 😀 I guess more than anything it was more of a food break…