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Category: Travelogue

  • “Junction Restaurant- Jamshedpur, India”

    “Junction Restaurant- Jamshedpur, India”

    Hello there! 🙂 I am not very good at writing restaurant’s review or something like this. But since I am neither writing blogs too frequently lately (actually it’s been months and that’s sad) and also, as I am trying so many varieties of food here during my stay, I thought why not write about my…

  • The Hidden Gem “Manohar Chat- Jamshedpur, India”

    The Hidden Gem “Manohar Chat- Jamshedpur, India”

    Hello there! How’s everyone doing? Enjoying summer, huh? It’s SO HOT here. I am doing good, though. ❤ Before you ask where was I during all these days…or actually a few months? Let me tell you I am all fine and I am here in India enjoying everything I missed in the last few years.…

  • Solvang-A Danish Style Village In California!

    Solvang-A Danish Style Village In California!

    Hello there! ❤ I am back with another weekend getaway. Our latest weekend getaway was to Santa Barbara and Solvang, and I have already shared the travelogue post about Santa Barbara. As promised, I am here with my Solvang’s experience. A 30-45minutes drive from Santa Barbara and you will reach a beautiful destination, Solvang, very…

  • Weekend Getaway- Santa Barbara!

    Weekend Getaway- Santa Barbara!

    Santa Barbara, a 4Hr (approx) drive from San Diego. The stunningly beautiful place to unwind yourself beside the jaw-dropping view of the Pacific coast, with the Santa Ynez Mountains as a majestic and beautiful backdrop. Santa Barbara is nestled between the Santa Ynez mountain slopes and the beautiful blue Pacific ocean, is indeed a beautiful…