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Tag: Aloo Chop

  • Spicy Aloo Chop Chaat

    Spicy Aloo Chop Chaat

    There are many stories related to the origin of Chaat. Some say it is originated in Delhi while some say it is originated in Uttar Pradesh. However, one thing I know is, nowadays you get chaat in every nooks n corner of India and each tastes different yet delicious. As they say, language and culture changes…

  • Aloo Chop Recipe

    Aloo Chop Recipe

    “Aloo Chop”, “Aloor Chop”, “Aloo Bonda”, or “Batata Vada”, these all are similar in the preparation and the ingredients vary depending on the locality and availability of the local ingredients. Spicy mashed potato mixture dipped in gram flour batter and then deep fried. Similar in preparation yet different in taste, they all taste delicious in…