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Tag: Indian Snack

  • Kutchi Dabeli | Dabeli

    Kutchi Dabeli | Dabeli

    Wow, until this day I assumed that Dabeli is one of the Mumbai’s street food. Why so? Because it is made with Pav bread. Guess what? I was wrong and I am admitting that. Not everything made with Pav bread belongs to Mumbai. 😀 Kutchi Dabeli as the name says originated in the Kutch region…

  • Hot & Sweet Crispy Soya Chunks

    Hot & Sweet Crispy Soya Chunks

    This recipe is very close to Soyabean chilli yet different from it. I have simply deep fried the soaked soya chunks whereas coating the soyabean is needed while preparing Soyabean chilli. Minimal sauces has been used here to prepare this recipe. So you won’t feel it’s too saucy. And even kids can have it too.…

  • Sabudana Khichdi

    Sabudana Khichdi

    This pandemic has challenged the whole world in different ways. This particular time (Navratri) used to be very different for us. BUT, This year it’s no pandal hopping, no fair, no crowds, no late-night visit to pandal…this is SO UNUSUAL. But of course, everybody’s safety comes first. We can’t go outside but we can celebrate…

  • Kala Chana Ghugni | Bihari Kale Chane Ki Ghugni

    Kala Chana Ghugni | Bihari Kale Chane Ki Ghugni

    Ghugni is an Eastern Indian snack which is mainly eaten as an evening snack. Their preparation may vary from state to state but their equally popular in every Eastern Indian state. Ghugni is the most popular snack of Bihar which is served with fried choora, green chilies, and chopped onions. Bihar, True to its name…

  • Hariyali Paneer Tikka

    Hariyali Paneer Tikka

    Hariyali Paneer Tikka, bursting with flavors of coriander-mint chutney, curd, and spices is a delicious and popular snack which is served with onion rings and lemon wedges as a party appetizer. Hariyali Paneer Tikka, as the name says, paneer is marinated using a green paste which is nothing but the mint-coriander chutney. The color of the…

  • Sweet Corn Cutlet | Sweet Corn Tikki

    Sweet Corn Cutlet | Sweet Corn Tikki

    Sweet Corn Tikki or Sweet Corn Cutlet (whatever you prefer to say) are the best snacks for this cozy winter evening with a steaming hot cup of masala tea. ❤ I came across this corn tikkis recipe and then I just couldn’t control myself from not making these savory, melt in mouth chatpati tikkis. The inner…

  • Roasted Makhana And Peanuts | Healthy Snack

    Roasted Makhana And Peanuts | Healthy Snack

    I am sure everyone reading this, must be aware of what is Lotus seeds or Foxnuts? Popularly known as Phool Makhana or Makhana in India. Phool Makhana or Foxnut or Lotus seeds are popularly used during fasting days in India as it provides energy to the body and keeps you going for hours. It has various…