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Tag: nutrela

  • Spicy Soya Keema Matar

    Spicy Soya Keema Matar

    Soya keema as the name suggests, is made of minced soya chunks. Cook it the same way you cook Mutton or Chicken Keema. And the result will be finger-licking good. I am not much of a lover of Soya chunks/granules but when I cook it, I make sure that it is spicy and delicious in…

  • Hot & Sweet Crispy Soya Chunks

    Hot & Sweet Crispy Soya Chunks

    This recipe is very close to Soyabean chilli yet different from it. I have simply deep fried the soaked soya chunks whereas coating the soyabean is needed while preparing Soyabean chilli. Minimal sauces has been used here to prepare this recipe. So you won’t feel it’s too saucy. And even kids can have it too.…