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Tag: Pesto Pizza

  • Pan Pizza | Pesto Spinach Pan Pizza

    Pan Pizza | Pesto Spinach Pan Pizza

    Pizza is the ultimate crowd pleaser and is loved by all age group. Don’t we all love Pizzas?? DO NOT say NO, PLEASE! Before I start with my pizza stories let me confess something. I have not always been a pizza person. I discovered my love for pizza exactly before 2 ½ years when I…

  • Mini Pizza Recipe |Mini Pizza Bites

    Mini Pizza Recipe |Mini Pizza Bites

    I was craving for Pizza. Everything about Pizza sounds so perfect to me starting from the smell of freshly baked Pizza, perfect crusty base, the smell of cheese, lots of topping…Ahhh! I just love pizza “any day, any time”! Did I tell you that I was craving not just to eat, but to COOK! Strange???…

  • Basil Pesto Whole Wheat Pizza | Pesto Pizza

    Basil Pesto Whole Wheat Pizza | Pesto Pizza

    This one is exclusively for Basil Pesto and Pizza lover! ❤ I am kind of in love with…or obsessed with Basil Pesto sauce! To me, pesto is universal sauce which can be spread over any toast or sandwich. I like to spread pesto over my bread toast and top with boiled egg slices..tastes yumm! or…