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Tag: Street Food

  • Samosa – Bihari Style

    Samosa – Bihari Style

    This Bihari Style Samosa is different from the regular ones I cook at home. The usual ones doesn’t have onion and panch phonran in the stuffing. You will find these piping hot samosas in almost every street of Bihar. This is also served with yellow matar ki ghugni, some onions on top it and sprinkled…

  • Kutchi Dabeli | Dabeli

    Kutchi Dabeli | Dabeli

    Wow, until this day I assumed that Dabeli is one of the Mumbai’s street food. Why so? Because it is made with Pav bread. Guess what? I was wrong and I am admitting that. Not everything made with Pav bread belongs to Mumbai. 😀 Kutchi Dabeli as the name says originated in the Kutch region…

  • Vegetable Patties | Veg Patties For Burger

    Vegetable Patties | Veg Patties For Burger

    Hello people! How’s everyone doing? Hope everyone is safe and happy. This side everything is fine (except my over-thinker brain, LOL). My little one is keeping me busy, literally. Motherhood is tiring, no? 😄 Let’s just not let me get started with my lockdown stories, AGAIN. Since my pregnancy, I don’t even remember when was…

  • Spicy Aloo Chop Chaat

    Spicy Aloo Chop Chaat

    There are many stories related to the origin of Chaat. Some say it is originated in Delhi while some say it is originated in Uttar Pradesh. However, one thing I know is, nowadays you get chaat in every nooks n corner of India and each tastes different yet delicious. As they say, language and culture changes…

  • Aloo Chop Recipe

    Aloo Chop Recipe

    “Aloo Chop”, “Aloor Chop”, “Aloo Bonda”, or “Batata Vada”, these all are similar in the preparation and the ingredients vary depending on the locality and availability of the local ingredients. Spicy mashed potato mixture dipped in gram flour batter and then deep fried. Similar in preparation yet different in taste, they all taste delicious in…

  • Chilli Chicken | Indo Chinese Chilli Chicken

    Chilli Chicken | Indo Chinese Chilli Chicken

    We Indians are crazy about Indo-Chinese food which we get at the streetside stalls of Indian streets. Nothing fancy, just finger-licking food straight from the wok to table. A perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy makes a great and delicious combo. I have tried the Indo-Chinese food at various streetside stalls and restaurants…

  • Chicken Keema | Instant Pot Chicken Keema

    Chicken Keema | Instant Pot Chicken Keema

    Keema chicken or mutton is a famous street food of India and it is served in many different ways like Keema Pav, Keema Naan, Keema Roll and many more. A delicious and simple recipe which is medley of minced meat and few ingredients which makes a truly mouth-watering dish. This is a MUST try if…

  • Punjabi Samosa | How To Make Samosa Recipe | No Onion-Garlic Samosa

    Punjabi Samosa | How To Make Samosa Recipe | No Onion-Garlic Samosa

    Never Hurt  A Samosa By Saying NO…They Too Have Fillings Inside 😛 “Samosa” mainly served with masala chai in India. An Indian snack which is not Indian 😛 Central Asia is believed to be the place of origin of Sambosa (stuffed with feta cheese, onion, minced chicken, and meat). It was introduced in India in the 13th-14th Century as Samosa. You…